What We Do

Our focus is on investments we believe will bring development to the African continent, generate excellent returns for all stakeholders and create resilient economies. We identify opportunities, and help manage the process seeing these from concept to fruition. This necessarily means engaging public and private sectors, and guiding all parties through to successful completion.

Energy Solutions & Power

The past few years have exposed the lack of adequate planning in the power and energy infrastructure that exists across much of the African continent. Fortunately, the crisis has brought power and energy to the forefront.

It is now widely accepted that development is not possible without proper and adequate power generation. Africa additionally has the ability to leapfrog reliance on fossil fuel-based power solutions, and prioritise clean energy as part of the power mix. This is not just the future – it is the present as well.

African Resilience

Africa’s development challenges are complex and interrelated, as are many of the business opportunities. In Africa, a multi-sector approach to investing helps build an economic ecosystem that can create broad-based wealth and withstand shocks, all while advancing human development goals.

The vast potential on the African continent is matched by a real urgency for generations of Africans to begin to achieve that potential in their lifetimes. In its commitment to addressing this enormous challenge, Constelor has developed its expertise in innovative and effective partnerships in the African context to both generate returns and bolster resilience.

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with us today.