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Energy Solutions & Power

The past few years have exposed the lack of strategic planning in the power and energy infrastructure that exists across much of the African continent.

 Fortunately, the crisis has brought power and energy to the forefront. It is now widely accepted that development is not possible without proper and adequate power generation. Africa additionally has the ability to leapfrog reliance on fossil fuel-based power solutions, and prioritize clean energy as part of the power mix.

Electricity is the fastest-growing energy source on the continent, and over the next 25 years its growth is set to outpace energy consumption as a whole.

The power sector now attracts more investment than oil and gas combined – necessary investments as the generation mix changes and ageing infrastructure is upgraded.


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& Experienced

Through our proven expertise and strong relationships, we have been part of the change process by helping to erase these colonial barriers through trade, finance, economic integration and prosperity.

Our principals understand the close specific relationship between government and business and how government regulations can favour or hamper your business venture in Africa.

When advising on a venture in a specific country, we will examine the country-specific regulatory environments in order to be able to best guide you through the process.