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Trade Expertise

We advise businesses and governments across a variety of sectors on matters relating to international trade.

Constelor understands that technologies and policies that facilitate the shift from primary commodity exports to value-added trade between African countries will have a profound impact on the prosperity and development of the Continent.

The company has been engaged in the establishment of the AfCFTA and has cultivated its on-the-ground expertise in trade facilitation through its work with various national, regional, and AU bodies to streamline trade processes through the use of groundbreaking technology.


  • Public-Private Partnership Origination
  • Pan African Operations
  • African Market Entry
  • Financing and Investment
  • Strategic Growth Planning

& Experienced

Through our proven expertise and strong relationships, we have been part of the change process by helping to erase these colonial barriers through trade, finance, economic integration and prosperity.

Our principals understand the close specific relationship between government and business and how government regulations can favour or hamper your business venture in Africa.

When advising on a venture in a specific country, we will examine the country-specific regulatory environments in order to be able to best guide you through the process.